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Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle Accident (No-Fault) Chiropractor

10 March 2024

During a motor vehicle accident (MVA) the occupants are under an extreme change of motion due to the outside force of another vehicle or stationary object. This sudden change of direction is referred to as Acceleration-Deceleration Injury commonly known as Whip-Lash. The joints of the spine are forced into an extreme stress angle at the spinal joints limit of movement. This force causes a stretching if you will of the support structures like Muscles, ligaments, tendons and the Intervertebral Disc. Most commonly the occupants have strain-sprains of the spinal column. In more severe cases some of the associated soft tissue of the spine can be torn. The soft tissue(Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Disc) are the support structures. The shock absorbers. Research shows that as little as 5 MPH is enough force to cause whiplash to the spine. Hard tissue being the spine (vertebrae) itself is often mis-aligned (Subluxated) during a MVA. If the spine is not attended to following a MVA it will heal wrong. The pain may go away but the misalignment (Subluxation) will remain. The unfortunate scenario is that the general public only thinks about pain. When pain goes away they feel the problem is resolved. The reality is that the body is resilient. The alarm system will be quieted as the injury causes less and less motion at the vertebrae that has been injured. Causing an alteration to the nerve flow at that segment which will lead to sensory or motor issues in the future. Slowly creating degeneration of the disc and vertebrae itself.

The cascading effects from a MVA are avoidable with having your spine properly evaluated and a stabilization process conducted. Dr. Hirschfelt consults with each patient to find out the angle of impact. The mechanism of injury is important to understand which vertebrae and soft tissue were the most likely to undergo damage from the MVA. At this point specific tests are conducted during the spinal examination to better understand the condition of each vertebrae and support structures of the spine. After the spinal examination is complete Dr. Hirschfelt will perform an x-ray evaluation based upon the exam findings. The x-rays will be fully evaluated for fractures. Specific measurements will be taken from the x-rays to be able to deliver specific adjustments to correct the misalignments in the shortest period of time. Based upon all of the evidence collected during the Consult, exam and Xrays Dr. Hirschfelt will advise the patient on an at home rehab program to address the soft-tissue component of the injury. Each patient will get an understanding of the entire process and a tailored care plan to fully stabilize their spine. Progress examinations are conducted to reduce frequency of care without setbacks. Dr. Hirschfelt uses each patient's evidence gathered from the progress exams to give his recommendations. Always re-evaluating the case along the way. Allowing each patient a graduated step towards a fully stabilized spine.

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